Foz do Iguaçu

Iguazu Falls is one of the largest set of waterfalls in the world.  It is so big that it makes Niagara Falls look like a little bitch.  In fact, it is well-known that while both waterfalls were doing a short stint in prison, Niagara actually was Iguazu´s bitch.  Doing things like Iguazu´s laundry, cleaning his cell, giving Iguazu its piece of cake, and of course other unmentionable things that happen in prison.

Actually, I have no idea of the real comparison between the two waterfalls.  After an exhausting single search on Google I decided I didn´t even really care that much.  Let’s just say that Iguazu is pretty damn impressive and leave it at that.

From Campo Grande we caught a night bus to Foz do Iguacu, where we based ourselves for three nights to explore the falls.

There is much debate on which side of the falls is better, the Brazilian or the Argentinean.    The Brazilian side offers a panoramic view of the falls while the Argentinean side offers an up close and personal experience.

We decided to start with the Brazilian side, unfortunately it was overcast but we still spent a good two hours checking out the views.  It´s winter here in Brazil so we were lucky not to have to deal with huge crowds.  Also, fortunately during winter the falls have four times the amount of water, adding to the magnificence of the falls.

Before we left for this trip, neither Bret or I were overly interested in visiting the falls but talking with others along the way we were convinced we had to visit while we were in this part of the world.  It was a decision Bret and I were extremely glad we made!  For the most part it was a stunning view of the falls in its entirety.  There were a couple of opportunities to get close the falls, at one point we ventured out over the water to a platform that puts you on top of one of the falls.  Although neither of us enjoyed the view for too long as we were getting absolutely soaked!

Iguazu Falls – Brazil

Not far from the falls on the Brazilian side is a pretty impressive bird park.  It’s a refuge for birds that have been saved from smuggling attempts.  While on this trip I have discovered that Bret has a thing for photographing wildlife, in particular, birds (I think he’s secretly trying to torture me because he knows how much I hate them).  I bucked up and faced my fear and even went inside a few cages with the birds.

Parque Aves

The next day we headed over to Argentina for a full day of exploring.  The Argentinians have done an excellent job of constructing walk-ways that take you all over the falls.  We started off at the Devil´s Throat, which in my opinion was the highlight of the entire falls.  It was about a 1km walk across the river to a viewpoint right on top of one of the larger falls and it was spectacular!  The rest of the day we spent walking the platforms, exploring the many angles of the falls.

Although the second day Bret’s lazy ass tried to talk us out of going to the Argentinean side, it didn’t take long for him to thank me for dragging him across the border.  We both agree that if you are in the area, check out both sides (but save the Argentinean for last!).

Iguazu Falls – Argentina

Other than a base to visit the falls, Foz do Iguazu didn’t offer much else other than a decent buffet dinner teamed with a pretty cheesy South American dance show.

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