“One Night in Bangkok”

Boom.  Just like that we were leaving Africa and on our way to SE Asia.

Even after seven weeks in South Africa, the next phase of our adventure snuck up on us.  Neither of us were ready for the drastic change in scenery or prepared for the craziness that is Bangkok.

Bret having been there six years previously, wanted to get in and get out as soon as possible.  It was my first time in Thailand and  I was sure there was more to Bangkok than tuk tuks, millions of people and humidity.  The plan was to stay three nights so I could see a little of the city and to plan our next move.  We ended up staying five, not by choice.

I had been having problems with my teeth and had to get it checked out.  After what I thought would be a quick visit with one filling at most, ended up being four new fillings and the knowledge that I needed to have two root canal treatments ASAP.  The up side to this, that first visit only cost $128 and that included private transfer to and from the dentist office!  ONE filling in the States would be about $250 out-of-pocket and that is with insurance coverage.

Still, this has changed how we were hoping to spend our 30 days in Thailand.  The last two weeks will be spent having my teeth drilled apart in Koh Samui. (At least it won’t be in Bangkok)

It happens to be the rainy season here in Thailand, which I thought meant hot, humid days with a quick thunder-storm in the late afternoon, not lasting more than an hour.  Unfortunately while we were in Bangkok it rained about 80% of the time.

Other than the dentist visit, our five nights in Bangkok consisted of a visit to the impressive Pho Wat Temple, a walk by the Grand Palace, which was unfortunately closed by the time we got there, a visit to one of the many shopping malls (to escape the heat and humidity) and a final farewell to Bangkok with a night out on Kohsan Road, also known as the backpacker strip.

We were more than ready to leave after five nights and were excited for our next stop, Koh Phi Phi Island!

Bangkok Photos

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