Adios Seattle

Written Feb. 23 2012

This is it the official first post of our blog. We are now living the American dream: unemployed and homeless.  If you’re expecting something of great magnitude or a riveting prequel to the mid day entertainment you will reference when that 3:30 boredom on a Wednesday afternoon sets in, prepare to be sadly disappointed.  The grind of the last four days has left us in a perplexed and exhausted state of mind.  Simple tasks have become monumental and our anticipation has all but subsided.  As we speak we are sitting at my parent’s dining room table, struggling to invest the last remaining ounces of motivation into this post (Bret) and finding out when we need to take our malaria pills, as to avoid any major health problems on our trip (Sally).  I think we all know who is serving the better purpose.  Meanwhile my mind keeps drifting to Alex Trebek and my parent’s response to random trivia (What is the Holland tunnel).
Saving everything to the last moment subdued the fact that we will actually miss Seattle.  It only took a moment of overwhelming frustration for Sally to choke up and express her endearment for the place we so often scorned because of its underwhelming weather.  What we didn’t realize was that Seattle was the perfect preparation place.  It groomed us for our life long fantasy of experiencing the world; just uncomfortable enough that we never really settled in, yet insightful enough to inspire us to pursue our dreams.  The people we met are nothing short of amazing.  Seattle is a hub for extremely artistic and intelligent individuals.  It will just be nice for us to get our Vitamin D from sources other than milk.
If you are so inclined to follow our worldly travels, feel free to leave comments after each post.  We will do our best to respond to those that are insightful and delete (maybe block!?) those that are annoying.  We will do our best to make it entertaining, for both your sake and our own.  If you really enjoy following our adventure (figures crossed) we would be more than happy to provide you with bank account information, so you may make contributions to extend our travel experience.

Getting ready to board the plane in Seattle. Finally on our way!