7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Found your blog from your reviews on Trip Advisor. Seems we’ve been hovering around the same parts of the world for the last month. We’re from Australia and travelling South East Asia for 2 months. Found your take/insight on places we’ve just been quite entertaining and humorous. Enjoy the rest of your travel and save some pennies for Oz – you’ll need it.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Its good to hear the blog is doing more then just offending my parents by how much we drink and swear! Just got to Oz a week ago and am happy I worked on my beer gut in Asia, because it’s crazy expensive here. . .

  2. For These who are searching for something New in the World they should Look first into themself to Discover were they are coming from. Met you at Naledi and followed you on your Trip

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