Helpful Links

Here are some links that helped us plan our trip.  If you have any of your own, feel free to leave them in the reply section.  If you have any questions about how we planned our trip you can email us at:

  • Travel.State.Gov: Is a great place to find out information about each country.  They list everything from crime; medical/shots needed, and visa requirements.

  • World Travel for Couples: One of the first travel blogs we came across.  This couple had recently returned from their extended RTW trip so the information was fairly current.  They had visited many of the South American countries we were planning to see and we found many ideas on areas to visit/things to do within those countries.

  • Bacon is Magic:  Another blogger who was in South America while we were in our planning stages.  We utilized this blog for quite a bit of information on Peru.

  • Brendan’s Adventures: We stumbled upon this one more recently (approximately four months ago).  Great information on South America as he spent the last two years travelling pretty much everywhere in that region.  After contacting him directly we got specific information and ideas on how to travel overland from Bolivia to Brazil.  Awesome/inspiring photos.

  • So Many Places:  Another couple travel blog.  We have been following along as they prepare for their own RTW trip, leaving the US in June or July, 2012.

  • Don’t Ever Look Back:  A couple embarking on their trip from Australia.  Referred back to in our early planning stages for tips on budgeting/saving and more recently packing tips, etc.

  • Breakaway Backpacker:  Used for planning/pre-departure tips.

  • Over Younderlust:  We are currently following this couple as they are in Colombia, which will be our first stop outside of the US.

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